Applications of AI in Education Sector

Applications of AI in Education Sector

Applications of AI in Education Sector : With the access to technology, the arena of education has greatly revolutionized in today’s digitally driven world.

One such domain that has slowly made its way inside the world of education is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is all set to deal any sector dealing with large data. 

AI has slowly started making its place in the academic arena, making it more accessible and personalized. 

Here, we have discussed handful of applications of AI which are helpful in shaping and defining the educational experience of the present and in the future. Personalized Learning,

Artificial Intelligence is being used for personalizing learning for students. With the use of the hyper-personalization concept which enables through machine learning, the AI technology is utilized to design a customized learning profile for ach learner and to tailor-make their training contents.

Teachers formulate their lessons into smaller study guides to help the student in learning. Another AI utility being fruitfully employed by educators in learning is voice assistants.

Examples are Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa,  Microsoft Cortana, etc. These assistants allow the students to converse with educational contents without the involvement of the teacher.

They can be utilized in home and non-educational environments for facilitating interaction with educational material. 

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Teachers are required to handle a variety of non-teaching duties which include evaluation of essays, paper checking, handling HR and personnel-related issues, arranging and managing classroom papers, handling the duties relating to booking and managing field visits, interacting and responding with stakeholders, assisting and interaction with issues relating to the second language, keeping record of sick or absentees, as well as providing a learning atmosphere. 

Applications of AI in Education Sector

Since most of the time of the educators is occupied in non-educational activities, AI systems have been an important aid at dealing with back-office and task-related activities such as grading tasks as well as assisting personalized responses for students.

Also they can also deal with the routine paperwork, matters related to logistics as well as personnel matters.

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So, it is expected that Artificial Intelligence, machine learning to utilize an integral place in all educational experiences.

AI has initiated to prove its advantages and power in a wide range of educational areas, and it still remains to be seen how the technology will empower and enhance overall learning results for all.