Use of AI in Medical Science

Use of AI in Medical Science : Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field in Pharmacy and Biotech industry.  Right now this field are being used in current era. In 2017, healthcare AI projects attracted more useful and best than simple projects for global economy. This work provides current trends in medical science with AI and possibilities for future.


Traditionally, statistical techniques have described this task by explaining patterns within data as mathematical equations; for example, linear equation can be explained and utilized them for applications. Through ‘machine learning’, AI provides techniques that provide complex algorithm which is not possible using mathematical equations.

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Another example is neural networks which represent data through complex nos. of interconnected neurones in the same to train the human brain for desired applications. Now a day, we are using smart phone which handles triaging 1.2 million people through AI. It is broad field. This article focuses ML techniques for medical applications.


Aside from old methods, new technologies are entering in the medical field must, which integrate with doctor’s practices and gain appropriate. It is most important to inspire medical staff and patients to invest paradigm. These types of challenges are being faced by the doctors in AI research and adoption.

Use of AI in Medical Science

AI excels at well-defined tasks

Researchers can focus on their tasks in which AI is being used to demonstrate its performance in the field of medical science by doctor. Normally, these types of activity or tasks have described for inputs and output for their validation.

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AI is supporting doctors, not replacing them

Machines minimize human qualities. Therefore patients must observe that consultations are being used by doctors for patients using AI technology. However, AI generally handles patients’ work which is essential, but limited enough in their scope.

Finally we can say that AI is being used in Medical Science across the world in many applications.