CTET All You Need To Know About

What is the CTET test?

Many people wonder what the Central Teacher Eligibility Test test is. What are the eligibility criteria? The Central Teacher Eligibility Test or Central Teacher Qualification Exam is a national-level examination administered in India by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is to determine the qualifications of candidates for appointment as teachers. CTET is held twice a year for teachers wishing to teach grades 1-8.

There are two types of exams, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is provided by candidates who wish to teach lessons 1-5. Candidates who wish to teach grades 5-8 receive two copies.

The test mode is an offline test and the test duration is 150 minutes. Languages ​​used for testing include English and Hindi. Central Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted in over 112 cities in India. Tickets are issued approximately three weeks before the test date. The Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2023 exam can be administered in July. However, the board has yet to make an official announcement. Candidates can log on to the official website for a reminder of their next exam date.

Candidates can download it from the official website. The entrance ticket is a mandatory document to obtain authorization from the center. Include all important candidate information, including name, identification, test date, time, and address.

To qualify for the CTET, candidates must pass a 10+2, a composite score of at least 45%, and qualify for an appointment as an elementary school teacher. Applicants must also complete a given teacher training program.

CTET Eligibility Criteria 2023

Please see the basic CTET eligibility criteria below.

  1. Candidates must achieve a passing grade of 12 with a composite score of at least 45% to qualify for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test Elementary School Teacher Examination.
  2. Candidates must earn at least a 45% or 50% grade 12 diploma to qualify for the Elementary Teacher Central Teacher Eligibility Test.
  3. Applicants must complete the given teacher training course/teacher training course.

Paper 1 CTET Qualifications: Teaching Qualifications for Teacher Levels 1-5

  • Pass or pass the final examination of the Elementary School Diploma (2 years) with a minimum mark of 50% on the secondary examination or equivalent. gold
  • Pass or pass the final examination of the Elementary School Diploma (2 years) with at least 45% of secondary studies or the equivalent. gold
  • Complete or pass the final examination for the baccalaureate in elementary education (4 years) with a secondary school examination or equivalent with a minimum mark of 50%. gold
  • Successfully pass or pass the Diploma in Education Leaving Examination (two years) with a high school diploma or an equivalent minimum score of 50%. gold
  • A bachelor’s degree with a bachelor’s degree in education.

CTET Qualifications Paper 2: Teaching Qualifications for Grades 6-8 Teachers

  • After graduating, you pass or pass the final examination for the Basic Education Diploma (2 years). gold
  • A graduate degree with a mark of 50% passed or passed the BED exam in the final year. gold
  • Postgraduate degree marked at 40% and passed or passed the BED year-end examination as per NCTE regulations. gold
  • Have passed or passed the final examination of a baccalaureate in four years of primary education with a minimum mark of 50% in secondary examinations or equivalent. gold
  • Pass or examine the B.A.Ed/B.Sc.Ed or B.A./B.Sc.Ed final exam with a 50% high school diploma or equivalent exam. gold
  • A 50% graded graduate degree, accepted or graded for one year of the BED program.

CTET Exam Eligibility Criteria: Points to Remember

  • A teacher education candidate’s degree or diploma must be accredited by the NCTE.
  • Applicants with a Diploma or Diploma in Special Education will only be considered for programs recognized by the Rehabilitation Commission (RCI) of India.
  • Nominees with a D.Ed (Special Education) degree must be enrolled in an NCTE-accredited six-month special basic education program.
  • The minimum qualifications above apply to teachers of languages, social studies/social sciences, mathematics, and science.
  • For physical education teachers, the standards set out in the NCTE regulations must be adhered to.
  • Standards set by the state and other school jurisdictions apply to teachers of arts education, home studies, vocational education, and crafts.
  • Applicants are responsible for assessing whether they meet the eligibility criteria of their application.
  • It should be noted that taking the exam does not verify the candidate’s qualifications. The final verification is done by the authorities before the appointment.

Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2023 Application (July): Learn more about the online application process

Prerequisites for the CTET 2023 application

Before completing the CTET Exam 2023 application, candidates must meet certain prerequisites.

  1. High-quality scans of the latest candidate photos in jpg/jpeg format.
  2. Photos must have the specified dimensions, i.e. 3.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H), and the file size must be between 10 KB and 100 KB.
  3. High-quality scans of candidate signature images in jpeg/jpg format.
  4. Signature size should be as specified, i.e. 3.5cm (W) x 1.5cm (H), and file size should be between 3KB and 30KB.
  5. Applicants must have Aadhar number, credit/debit card details (if paying online), academic details, valid email address, mobile phone number, and address.

CTET Exam 2023

Announcement of Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2023: The Central Teacher Qualifications Examination (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is a semester national level examination administered by the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) for candidates seeking teaching positions in ministries.

Candidates are interested in career development in the education sector in primary and primary grades. You must pass the Central Teacher Eligibility Test exam.

The CTET is a central teacher qualification test, based on which candidates can apply for various vacancies in the school through various government and government funding.

The Central Teacher Qualification Examination (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) will be administered in online mode starting this year, and the Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2023 exam will be the 16th edition of the CTET exam to confirm candidates’ educational qualifications.

Exam CTET 2023

The Central Teacher Qualification Examination is administered twice a year by the CBSE nationally to determine the qualifications of applicants for grades 1-8 of central public schools such as NBS/KVS. The CTET December 2023 online registration date will be announced shortly.

exam was previously administered in offline mode, but now CBSE will schedule CTET 2023 in online mode (CBT exam) in December 2023.

The effectiveness of CTET has been extended for a lifetime. Countries that have selected candidates for the CTET exam and which have not organized the TET exam.

The official announcement of CTET 2023 will be made public by CBSE on the official website www.cent.nic.in.

CTET All You Need To Know About,Central Teacher Eligibility Test test

A detailed CTET 2023 notice including the application process, eligibility criteria, dates, exam structure, lectures, results, etc. will be published with the official notice.

CBSE has released a brief notice for CTET 2023 and announced that the CTET 2023 12 exam process will begin soon.

Register for CTET Exam 2023

CTET Registration for CTET 2023 begins with the issuance of notice CTET 2023. Candidates waiting for the December 2023 CTET exam can complete the registration form via the direct link below.

You can now apply for the CTET Exam 2023 online without visiting the official CTET website www.cent.nic.in. Exam times will be announced as an official announcement.

You can apply for the CTET exam directly online and you can read all the steps by visiting the following link [to official events]

CTET 2023 Application Fee

Applicants who fall under the General or OBC category must pay Rs. 1000/- (if applying for Paper I or Paper II) and Rs. 1200/- (when applying for both documents at the same time).

The same amount is reduced to Rs. 600/- (if applying for Paper I or Paper II) and Rs.

CTET 2023 Exam Format

The CTET 2023 exam is conducted in two stages:

  • Paper 1
  • paper 2

Paper, I is for candidates who wish to become teachers in grades 1-5 and paper II is for candidates who wish to become teachers in grades 6-8. Candidates also have the option of applying for both test I and test II at the same time.

The questions asked in tests I and II are objective multiple-choice questions. To qualify for the CTET 2023 exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 60%. One important thing to note is that the CTET scores published by the CBSE are now valid.

The nature and criteria of the problem

  • The Child Development and Educational Examinations curriculum emphasizes educational and educational psychology relevant to the 6-11-year-old group. They focus on understanding the characteristics and needs of different learners, their interactions with learners, and the attributes and qualities of good learning facilitators.
  • The elements of the language I examination relate to the mastery of the language of instruction.
  • Language II tests focus on the elements of language, communication, and comprehension.
  • Language II becomes a language other than Language I. Candidates can choose one of the language options available in Language I and Language II and must specify the same language on the confirmation page.

Online application process

The CTET 2023 application will soon be released by the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). Applications are submitted online. This examination is held twice a year to determine if a candidate is eligible for appointment as a teacher of primary and secondary education, i.e. grades 1 to 8.

  • The CBSE will issue an official recruitment notice for CTET 2023 exam candidates.
  • Candidates can complete the application form once the application is posted on the official website of CBSE.
  • The application form has several prerequisites, such as the candidate’s image and signature.
  • Errors in the CTET application must be completed and corrected by the specified deadline not yet issued.

The procedure for completing the CTET 2023 online form

CBSE does not publish notices for the CTET exam 2023. However, candidates should know how to apply for the CTET exam online. Below is the step-by-step process to apply online. The online application process is as follows:

Step 1: Register for CTET 2023

After logging into the official website, candidates must enter information to register for the exam. Here are more details on registration.

Personal details

  • Candidate Name
  • mother’s name
  • father’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • gender
  • Aadhar details
  • Identification number

Contact details

  • Full address with Pincode
  • Email ID
  • Phone number

Step 2: CTET 2023 online form

The second step of the CTET 2023 online application is:

Application form

The details required to complete the CTET application section are as follows:

  1. Your name
  2. Select Test Center. You can always choose three test centers.
  3. Enter your AADHAR card number.
  4. Enter the state, district, college name, password, and graduation point percentage.
  5. Enter your address, region, city, district, state, and password.
  6. Select your gender and category.
  7. Choose test paper medium, Hindi, or English. Select qualification exam status, and employment status. Enter the graduation percentage, college name, PIN, and region. Enter your mobile phone number and email address.

Step 3: Upload your photo and signature

upload picture

  • Scan your photo and upload it to the application form.
  • The same goes for signatures.

Step 4: Pay the CTET Online Form Fee

  • Click the pay button on the CTET application form.
  • Go to the payment gateway page.
  • Pay by credit/debit card or E-challan.

Step 5: Submit and Print the CTET Application Form

  • After payment, a confirmation page will appear.
  • Print a confirmation page for future reference.
  • At this point, the online process is complete.

Application procedure for CTET 2023?

  1. Visit the official website ctet. nic. in
  2. Click the Request button.
  3. If you are already registered please use your registration number.
  4. If you do not have a registration number, click the [Apply Online] button.
  5. An instruction page will then open on your screen. Please read or print the instructions carefully before completing the CTET form for assistance.
  6. Complete the CTET 2023 online form. Fill in all the details and the details will be edited carefully.
  7. After entering all the details correctly, click Next to upload a passport-size image and signature.
  8. Deposit your application fees now by e-challan/net banking/debit or credit card.
  9. Then print a confirmation page.

Selection process CTET 2023

The CTET 2023 selection process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the CTET application form

Candidates must complete the application form online mode on the official test website. Candidates are also required to pay a CTET application fee of 1,000 Indian Rupees (1 essay) and 1,200 Indian Rupees (2 essays).

Step 2: Download the CTET ticket

Candidates can download CTET admission tickets from the official test website. The CTET Exam Admission Ticket contains detailed information about the candidate and the exam. It also describes the test center details of the candidate and the time of the test report.

Step 3: Take the CTET Exam

Candidates must arrive at the CTET Test Center at least 90 minutes before the start of the test. The duration of the CTET exam is two and a half hours. There are two exam questions on exam day. Paper 1 must be provided by candidates who wish to qualify to teach classes 1 to 5 (junior class). Paper 2 is intended for candidates wishing to qualify to teach in classes 6 to 8 (1st wing).

Step 4: Check CTET results

CBSE publishes the CTET results on the official exam website. Candidates who meet the exam qualifications are awarded the CTET qualification. The validity period of the CTET title has been extended from 7 years to life.

CTET Result 2023

At the end of the CTET exam, the CBSE announces the results. CTET results are released within 4 weeks of the test completion date. Therefore, the results of CTET 2023 will be tentatively announced within one month.

CTET Answers sheet

CBSE publishes the Temporary CTET Answer Key 2023 on its official website, ctet.nic.in, and allows applicants to challenge or challenge the Temporary Answer Key. All assignments received by the candidate will be evaluated by experts in the field and the final response will be posted on ctet.nic.in. CTET results are announced based on the final answer key.

CTET cutoff

Candidates appearing at the CTET will receive a score sheet. Applicants with a score of 60% (general) or higher are eligible, and the validity period is extended from 7 years to life. School administrators (government, local agencies, public funds, and slush funds) may consider making concessions to SC/ST, OBC, people of various abilities, etc. under existing booking policies.

Highlights CTET 2023

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In the press release, “It was also notified to create test questions to assess factual knowledge in the structure of existing CTET courses and exam papers and to assess conceptual understanding, application, resolution of problems, reasoning and critical thinking.

  1. Assess teachers’ understanding of what is taught in each discipline.
  2. Evaluate the knowledge of future teachers on educational content.
  3. Find out if you know the relevance of subjects in the school curriculum.
  4. Questions are added to evaluate the educational experience plan.
  5. Exam questions focus on concept-specific assessment methods.
  6. CBSE publishes sample plans or sample test questions to help candidates understand the revised format.

Important items and documents to bring to the CTET test center

CTET Admission Ticket: The CTET Admission Ticket (also known as the Test Room Ticket) is the document you need to bring to the test center. Candidates who do not bring their admission ticket on the day of the test will not be able to submit the test. If you forget to bring your admission card to the center, we recommend that you print another copy at a nearby internet café.

Photo ID: In addition to the admission card, candidates should bring to the test center a valid photo ID, such as a PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, driver’s license, a voter ID card.

Important CTET Test Instructions

Here are some things candidates should remember on CTET 2022 exam day:

  • The exam room is open to class 1 at 7:30 a.m. and to class 2 at 12:30 p.m. 2 hours before the exam. It’s time for the exam report.
  • Candidates must be seated immediately after opening.
  • Each candidate is assigned a seat with a designated list number. Applicants should verify their roll number and only occupy the seats assigned to them.
  • Candidates who arrive after the exam has started can take the exam.
  • Candidates may not leave their seats until the exam question has been resolved without special permission from the exam invigilator.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, vomiting, tea/coffee/cold drinks, or snacks are prohibited in the examination room.

Special provisions for candidates with disabilities

The following procedures apply to candidates of different abilities when taking the CTET exam.

  • Candidates of various abilities receive an award of 50 minutes per thesis.
  • Candidates with a disability of 40% or greater may use a scribe/large bookstore as needed.
  • Candidates can choose their scribes/large libraries, the head of the center does not provide scribes.

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1. Where can I get the official CTET exam results?

The results of this examination are available on the official CTET website.

2. When will the 2022 CTET exam results be released?

exam results are released approximately six weeks after the CBSE administers the exam.

3. Which applicants are considered eligible?

Candidates with a score above 60% are considered eligible.

4. Do I have to register before filling in the application form?

Yes, you need to register with your email id and phone number before applying online. Obtain your registration number.

5. What should I do if I forgot my registration number?

If you have forgotten your registration number, go to the official website and click on the link. Your registration number will be returned to you when you are prompted to enter your email ID and other details.

6. How can I get to a central city?

Typically, committees try to assign test centers to cities based on the candidate’s desired test city. However, the Board reserves the right to assign any center/city.

7. Do I have to pay an exam fee when I apply?

Yes. You must pay an application fee when you complete the application.

8. How are application fees paid?

You can pay by re-challenge/online banking/debit/credit card.

9. If I have already obtained a Central Teacher Eligibility Test qualification, can I reapply for the CTET?

Yes, no restrictions.

10. The amount was withdrawn from my account, but no confirmation page was created?

Online transactions may fail due to server congestion, which will result in a charge to the candidate’s account but not to the council’s account. Applicants will need to pay again via online or challenger mode to get the confirmation page. Unsuccessful transactions will be refunded to the relevant bank account within 10-15 business days.