JAM Geology Syllabus 2023

JAM Geology Syllabus 2023

JAM Geology Syllabus 2023 : Origin of the Solar System along with the Earth, Geosphere along with the Composition of the Earth, Shape, and Size of the Earth, Earth-Moon System, Formation of Continents and Oceans, Dating Rocks and Age of the Earth,

Volcanism along with Volcanic Landforms, Interior of Earth, Earthquakes, Earth’s Magnetism and Gravity, Isostasy, Elements of Plate Tectonics, Orogenic Cycles, Geomorphology, Weathering along with Erosion, Transportation, and Deposition due to Wind, Ice, River, Sea, and Resulting Landforms,

Structurally Controlled Landforms. Concept of Stratum, Contour, Outcrop Patterns, Maps along with Cross-Sections, Dip and Strike, Classification as well as Origin of Folds, Faults, Joints, Unconformities, Foliations and Lineations,

Shear zones, Stereographic and Equal-Area Projections of Planes as well as Lines, Computation of True Thickness of Beds from Outcrops and Bore-Holes. Major Steps in the Evolution of Life Forms, Fossils along with their mode of Preservation and Utility, Morphological Characters,

Major Evolutionary Trends along with Ages of Important Groups of Animals – Brachiopoda, Mollusca, Trilobita, Graptolitoidea, Anthozoa, Echinodermata; Gondwana Plant Fossils, Elementary Idea of Vertebrate Fossils in India. Principles of Stratigraphy, Litho-,

Chrono- along with Bio stratigraphic Classification, Distribution as well as Classification of the Stratigraphic Horizons of India from Archaean to Recent. Symmetry along with forms in Common Crystal Classes, Physical Properties of Minerals, Isomorphism as well as Polymorphism,

Classification of Minerals, Structure of Silicates, Mineralogy of Common Rock-Forming Minerals, Mode of Occurrence of Minerals in Rocks, Transmitted Polarized Light Microscopy and Optical Properties of Uniaxial and Biaxial Minerals.

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Definition and Classification of Rocks, Igneous Rocks-Forms of Igneous Bodies, Crystallization from Magma, Classification, Association along with Genesis of Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks – Classification, Texture and Structure,

JAM Geology Syllabus 2023

Size and Shape of Sedimentary Bodies, Metamorphic Rocks – Classification, Facies, Zones and Texture, Characteristics Mineral Assemblages of Pelites in the Barrovian Zones along with Mafic Rocks in Common Facies Properties of Common Economic Minerals, General Processes of Formation of Mineral Deposits,

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Physical Characters, Mode of Occurrence as well as Distribution in India both of Metallic along with Non-Metallic Mineral Deposits, Coal along with Petroleum Occurrences in India. Ground Water, Principles of Engineering Geology