MAHE Syllabus of BA (Bachelor of Arts)

MAHE Syllabus of BA (Bachelor of Arts)

MAHE Syllabus of BA : History Of Southeast Asia, The 19TH Century History of Modern East Asia, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Indian Philosophy Logic, Greek Philosophy and Ethics,

Descartes to Kant Social as well as Political Philosophy: Indian along with Western, Applied Ethics Text of Indian and Western,  Philosophy Truth, Functional Logic, Philosophy of Religion (Indian & Western),

Philosophy of Language (Indian & Western), Bachelor of Arts in Geography,  eomorphology, Climatology Cartographic Techniques, as well as Geography of Population,

Analytical Physical Geography Oceanography, Geography of Settlements Economic as well as Environmental Geography Urban Geography, as well as Geography of Natural Resources,

Statistical Methods in Geography Geography of India, Agricultural Geography, Geography of Tourism, Rural Development, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Introduction to Sociology Indian Sociology,

Sociology of Religion Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Environment along with Society Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as English Literature, Twentieth Century Indian, Writing Nineteenth Century, European, Realism,

Classical Literature and Contemporary Literature, Literary Theory, Women’s Writing of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Modern European Drama, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Introduction to Psychology,

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Statistical Methods for Psychological, Research Psychology of Individual Differences, Development of Psychological Psychology for Health and Well-being, Development of Psychological,

Dealing with Psychological Disorders, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Introductory Microeconomics Mathematical, as well as Methods for Economics,

Introductory Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Statistical Methods for Economics, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Modern Indian, Political Thought and  Modern, Political Philosophy,

MAHE Syllabus of BA

Understanding Political Theory, Constitutional Government and Democracy in India, Political Theory-Concepts as well as Debates, Introduction to Comparative Government as well as Politics Perspectives on Public Administration,

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Perspectives on International Relations, Public Policy as well as Administration in India, Bachelor of Arts in History, History of India Social Formations as well as Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World,

Social Formations as well as Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World, Rise of Modern West, History of Modern Europe,