Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – CAT

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – CAT

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is the 1stsegment of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2022 question paper, this section is unglued into 2 parts Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, (CAT 2022 syllabus )this segment will test the aptitude of the student to understand the meaning of a given passage.

Verbal Ability questions are non-MCQs, which means the student desires to type in the answer, In the reading comprehension segment, the students will be answering numerous MCQs, and the students will have to recite about three to four long comprehensions, along with 2-3 short ones.

The distance of the lengthy passages will be around nine hundred words, The brief passages will be around six hundred words long, and students will have to recite the paragraph and answer the questions asked at the end,

The subjects will rotate around Politics, Literature, Science, History, Environment, Mythology, and many more. In the VARC segment, the reading comprehension segment will inhabit a weightage of about 70%,

The CAT 2022 syllabus for current affairs comprises the topics such as the current affairs of National as well as international importance, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on social life, government policies, immigration, New Education Policy, CAA, Triple Talaq, Make in India, Clean India.

The CAT syllabus for Economy comprises topics such as Global Economic changes, Economic Development and Environment destruction, Demonetization, along with Unnecessary expenditure by the government.

The CAT 2022 syllabus for Literature comprises work from great philosophers such as Aristotle, Charles Dickenson, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, and many more.

The CAT 2022 syllabus for Science and Technology comprises subjects about the Modern World, Advancement of Technology, and the Fading of Culture.

The CAT 2022 syllabus for History comprises subjects about the social changes in the History of India, the War of Roses, the French Revolution, and Freedom Fights among many more.

The CAT 2022 syllabus for Mythology comprises subjects about the important mythological, and current social structure, along with abstract fictional topics as well.

The students should practice by reading passages from the newspapers prudently, It will not just get them into the habit of reading, but also recover their grammatical sense and vocabulary, and improve their attentiveness, The students may also purchase CAT preparation books for the VARC section, and rehearsal the questions or exercises mentioned in them.

The students should try to monitor how many words they may manage to read in a minute and work on cumulative that number continually.

The perfect target must be about 330 to 350 words per minute, Current Affairs – Subjects affecting social life, foreign relations, governance policies, along with schemes for example Triple Talaq, CAA, Covid 19 Pandemic, Clean India Project, migration of citizens from one nation to another, international intolerance,

Business and Economics – Global Economic Change, Environmental Economic Growth, Indian Demonetization Effect, as well as Government Waste Expenditure, Literature – Passages from numerous books of English literature, essays written by great philosophers and thinkers,

diverse speeches of great personalities such as Charles Dickens, Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, along with Churchill among many more. You must check CAT Top Coaching centers in India.

Science and Culture – Transition into the modern world, disappearing society with technological advancement, Abstract Topics and Fiction –

Such passages make the students think a lot and put themselves in the shoes of the author before lecturing the questions enquired because they are opinion-based, Historical Events – Events important to social changes, for example,

the French Revolution along with the War of Roses, Social changes in Indian Culture and thoughts expressed by numerous activists are still of great relevance,

Mythology – Such passages seek to attach mythological actions with the actual social system and answers should be given consequently.

CAT 2022 syllabus

Recitediverse genres of magazines as well as books, even those that are out of your comfort zone, This will supportstudents come across many new words, Try a number of mock exams for VARC to expose yourself to a variety of questions that measure your verbal ability,

Use the appropriate verbal ability study material while training for CAT VARC,students will have to look at sample CAT papers and regulate the right book according to the syllabus, To make knowledge enjoyable, download mobile applications, for instance,

Vocabulary Builder, Word by Word, and many more, When students study new words or phrases, use them in your day-to-day communication with friends or family, It will assist students to remember the use of those words,

When students get bored with reading, turn to watching movies/TV series as well as playing word games to grasp more words, Highlight challenging words from the dictionary and learn their meanings, It is suggested that candidates keep your dictionary handy when watching films or reading books,

also make sure that you do not misinterpret the questions, Lay off overconfidence and make sure that you read thoughtfully in order to deliver the right answers. 

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 It is very common for candidates to spend a big chunk of their answering time endeavoring VA Non-MCQs, allot a specific time duration for every question and try your best not to surpass it, Candidates often rush the reading of RC passages.

This can lead to missing out on important keywords that might be required to give correct answers, make sure that students read every passage with concentration, do not get very engrossed in answering VARC questions, and forget the sectioned time limit which might cause candidates to risk the loss of many marks.