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Courses after MBA  

Ph.D. after MBA is a doctorate-level course provided in numerous MBA specializations such as PhD Finance, PhD Marketing, PhD Operation Management, PhD Human Resource Management, and many more. Check Jobs After MBA and Courses After MBA here .

The least eligibility standards for PhD after MBA are a 2-Year MBA degree with qualifying either UGC-NET or GATE Examination.

Along with the least qualifying score, a research proposal, letter of recommendation as well as work experience increases the chance of getting admission to the Top MBA institutes.

It typically takes 3-5 years to finish PhD after an MBA in India, while the period of PhD after an MBA abroad may be as long as 4 to 7-Years. FMS New Delhi, BHU, IIMs, as well as IITs are the topmost MBA colleges that are known for their PhD courses after MBA.

PhD after MBA has a massive scope in teaching and research professions. The average PhD after MBA salary ranges from Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 14,00,000. Before we go into particulars of every Ph.D. after MBA course, we might look into the advantages as well as benefits of Ph.D. after MBA and why is PhD after MBA is a great career option.

Ph.D. after MBA delivers the opportunity to carry out research, and conduct in-field study of concepts and specializations that couldn’t have been probable during an MBA.

MBA Degree in itself delivers lucrative career choices, but after Ph.D., an MBA degree becomes much more valuable.

The research during my Ph.D. after my MBA manages to awareness of the new business insights and trends international, which assist in managing business more professionally.

A person with a PhD degree after MBA might make profitable compensations. A top MBA institute professor formulates millions more than just an MBA degree holder.

Ph.D. after MBA allows working in the region of research in management, finance, or business which puts them separately from any other managers following only an MBA.

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Jobs After MBA

An MBA degree holder gets jobs that comprise team lead and managerial responsibility of the cell.

Courses After MBA and Jobs after MBA

A manager’s job profile generally comprises planning, strategizing, execution, leading the team, liaison with clients, coordinating with other cells, delegating work as well as responsibilities, and reporting to higher authorities regarding projects undertaken.

Mentioned below are some of the widespread career options after or Jobs After MBA and their corresponding salaries:

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MBA (Master in Business Administration) jobsNormal salary (Rs.)
Finance Manager9.7 lakh per annum
Marketing Manager10 lakh per annum
Sales Manager10 lakh per annum
Human Resources Manager4 lakh per annum
Operations Manager7 lakh per annum
Product Manager15 lakh per annum
Data Analytics Manager14 lakh per annum
Digital Marketing Manager4.5 lakh per annum
Advertising Sales Manager8.5 lakh per annum
NGO Manager5 lakh per annum
Project Manager13 lakh per annum
Telecom Manager7 lakh per annum
Transport & Logistics Manager6 lakh per annum
Infrastructure Manager11 lakh per annum
International Business Manager9 lakh per annum
Risk Manager10 lakh per annum
Energy & Environment Manager6 lakh per annum
Import & Export Manager6 lakh per annum
IT & Systems Manager7 lakh per annum
Healthcare & Hospital Manager4 lakh per annum
Materials Manager6 lakh per annum
Retail Manager5 lakh per annum
Supply Chain Manager8 lakh per annum
Public Policy Manager7 lakh per annum