Syllabus of DU SOL – Delhi University School of Learning

Syllabus of DU SOL – Delhi University School of Learning

Check Syllabus of DU SOL – Delhi University School of Learning here . Below are the DU SOL Syllabus :

DU SOL Syllabus of BA

Twentieth Century Indian, Writing Nineteenth Century, European, Realism, Classical Literature and Contemporary Literature, Literary Theory, Women’s Writing of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Modern European Drama, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, as well as Statistical Methods for Psychological, Research Psychology of Individual Differences,

Statistical Methods for Economics, History of Modern Europe, History Of Southeast Asia, along with The 19TH Century History of Modern East Asia, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Indian Philosophy Logic, Greek Philosophy and Ethics, Descartes to Kant Social as well as Political Philosophy: Indian along with Western, Applied Ethics Text of Indian and Western,  Philosophy Truth, Functional Logic,

Philosophy of Religion (Indian & Western), Philosophy of Language (Indian & Western), Understanding Political Theory, Constitutional Government and Democracy in India, Political Theory-Concepts as well as Debates, Introduction to Comparative Government as well as Politics Perspectives on Public Administration, Perspectives on International Relations,

Public Policy as well as Administration in India, Bachelor of Arts in Geography,  Geography of Natural Resources, Statistical Methods in Geography Rise of Modern West, Political Sociology, Environment along with Society Bachelor of Arts in English, English Literature, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Modern Indian, Political Thought and  Modern, Political Philosophy,

Development of Psychological Psychology for Health and Well-being, Development of Psychological, Dealing with Psychological Disorders, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Introductory Microeconomics Mathematical, Methods for Economics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, geomorphology, Climatology Cartographic Techniques, Geography of Population, Analytical Physical Geography Oceanography, Geography of Settlements Economic as well as Environmental Geography Urban Geography,

DU SOL Syllabus of BHMCT

Delhi University School of Learning BHMCT Syllabus : Bar Operations as well as Banquet, Management Advanced Patisserie, Hotel Information Systems, Total Quality management, Sales as well as Marketing -2, Convention, Event Planning as well as Operation, Hospitality, Business Law, Hotel Facilities, Planning, Quality Management, Research, Project, Entrepreneurship as well as Business Management(Elective),

Comprehensive, Viva Voce, Food Production – 1, Food Production – 2, Food and Beverage-1, International Hospitality, Marketing Management, Accommodation Operations –2, Accommodation Operations – 1, Traditional Patisserie, Computer Fundamentals, as well as Wine Fundamentals, Basic Accounting, Hospitality Finance-1, Environmental Studies, Training Advanced,

Food Production, Culinary Practice, Advanced Food along with Beverage Service, Hotel, Economics, Personality Development along with Business Communication, Food Science along with Nutrition Strategic, Management Hospitality, Elective II, French Management in Action-Learning as well as Development Hospitality Finance-2 Sales along with Marketing, Hotel Related Laws, Hotel Engineering, Industrial Training, Mandatory Industrial,

DU SOL Syllabus of B.Pharm

Delhi University School of Learning Syllabus of B.Pharm : Laboratory of Medicinal, Chemistry II, Pharmacology Laboratory, Laboratory-VII of Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology2), Laboratory-VII of Pharmaceutics (Biopharmaceutics along with Pharmacokinetics), Pharmatecual Analysis, Remedial, Mathematical, Pharmacognosy and Natural Product, Laboratory II Laboratory of Microbiology as well as Immunology,

Lab-V in Pharmaceutics (Biological Pharmacy), Laboratory-VI of Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology), (Physical Pharmacy) Anatomy, Physiology as well as Health Education (APHE), as well as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry APHE, APHE II, Pharmaceutical Chemistry V (Biochemistry), Pharmaceutics V (Pharmaceutical Technology I),

Chemistry, Basic Electronics as well as Computer Applications, Pharmaceutics I, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industrial Management, Pharmacognosy V (Chemistry of Natural Products), Pharmaceutical Analysis III, Pharmacology IV (Clinical Pharmacy & Drug Interactions), Research Methodology, along with Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

Research Project, Pharmaceutical Analysis Remedial, Mathematical, Biology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Basic Electronics as well as Computer Applications, Advanced Mathematics Anatomy, Physiology as well as Health Education,, Pharmaceutical Microbiology,

as well as Pathophysiology of Common Diseases, Pharmacology I, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence and Ethic, Laboratory of Pharmaceutics I (General and Dispensing) Laboratory-II in Pharmaceutics (Unit Operations), Laboratory of Remedial Biology

DU SOL Syllabus of

Cost Accounting, Human Resource Management, Indian Economy Management, Accounting Financial Management, E-Commerce, Auditing International Business, Financial Markets, Indian Economy, Financial Management Management, Accounting, Accelerated Mathematics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Risk Management, Understanding Consumer Behaviour,

International Finance Technology Related to Banking, Sector Intellectual, Property Law, Management Science Tourism, Management and Marketing, Principles of Microeconomics, Business Laws Principles as well as Practices of Management, Business Laws, Interdisciplinary Issues in Indian Commerce, Interdisciplinary, Security Analysis along with Portfolio, Management Cost Accounting,

Interdisciplinary Business Mathematics and Statistics, Cost Management Banking and Insurance, Marketing Management, Indirect Tax Laws, Quantitative Techniques as well as Methods, Income Tax Law, Direct Tax Laws, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Markets Indian Economy English as well as Business Communication, English and Business Communication, Business Economics-I, Interdisciplinary, e-Commerce, Commercial Laws,

Business Economics – II, Interdisciplinary, Psychology for Managers, Business Statistics, Fundamentals of Computer as well as Information System, Corporate Laws, Business, Issues in Financial Reporting Production along with Operation Management, Social along with Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Operational Research, Financial Markets and Services, Sectoral Aspects of Indian Economy, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Indirect Tax, New Venture Planning Foreign Exchange Rates Corporate Accounting Principles of Financial Accounting,

DU SOL Syllabus of LLB

RTI as well as PIL (Elective), Election Law (Elective), Law of Evidence, Jurisprudence, Legal Language, Tort and Consumer Protection Act, Human Rights as well as International Law, Conciliation, and Alternate Dispute, Resolution System, Taxation Law, Comparative Laws (Elective), Juvenile Justice Act, along with Probation Offenders Act Property Laws, Environmental Law IPR, Practical Training along with Moot Courts,

Labour Laws, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence Taxation Law, Law of Evidence, as well as Family Law, Law of Contract Women and Law, Healthcare Law (Elective), Criminology and Penology (Elective), Motor Vehicle Act, Drafting, Pleading as well as Conveyancing Conflict Laws (Elective), Company Law, Comparative Laws (Elective), Administrative Law Code of Criminal Procedure Limitation Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Law along with Media (Elective), Labour Laws, Banking Laws and Laws Insurance Laws,

DU SOL Syllabus of B.ed

Delhi University School of Learning Syllabus of B.Ed : Vocational Education Drama and Art in Education, Learner as a Developing Individual, Development and Learning, Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective, Adolescence: Issues as well as Concerns, Information and Communication Technology, Practical programs,

Methodology programs , Childhood and Growing Up, Pedagogy of Science, Contemporary India and Education, Pedagogy of Social Science, Learning and Teaching, Pedagogy of Mathematics Language Across the Curriculum, Pedagogy of English, Understanding Disciplines as well as Subjects, Pedagogy of Hindi Workshop, Based Activities, Reading along with Reflecting on the Texts Practical programs, Application of ICT, Contemporary India,

Constitutional Provisions as well as Education, Specialization, as well as Based Elective Policy, Framework for Development of Education in India, Research Project, Informational Reading along with Writing Childhood And Growing Up, Contemporary India and Education Learning as well as Teaching, Gender, Understanding the Self along with Yoga Internship 2,

School and Society Pedagogy of a School Subject, Reading as well as reflecting on texts Drama as well as art in education, Critical Understanding of ICT, Creating an Inclusive school, Assessment For Learning, Understanding Disciplines along with Subjects, Initiatives of the Government of India, Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues, Workshop Based Activities, Health Education Knowledge along with Curriculum, Language across the curriculum, Core programs,

DU SOL Syllabus of MA

Sociological Theories, Sociology of India, Methods of Sociological Research, Populations as well as Society Gender as well as Society, Agrarian Structure, Sociology of Organizations, along with Sociology of Media MA in Education, Educational Psychology, MA in Gender Studies, Introduction to Gender Studies, Feminist Movement, Feminist Theories, Gender as well as Economy Gender,

Environment and Livelihood, Gender Analysis Gender, as well as Commonwealth Literature, MA in Hindi, History of Hindi Literature- Ancient as well as Medieval, Novel, as well as Short Story, Hindi Poetry along with Proses,  Life Long Education, MA in Fine Arts, History of Fine Arts in India, History of Indian, Analytical Philosophy, Guidance along with Counselling Educational Administration as well as Management, Educational Measurement as well as Evaluation,

Educational Technology, History of Indian Architecture, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of History Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, Ma in Political Science, Administrative Theory, Politics in India, Themes in World Politics, Debates in Political Theory Ethics and Politics, Indian Strategic, Thought International Security, Polity and Governance, Gender Mainstreaming, MA in English British Literature, American Literature African Literature, as well as Indian Writings in Literature Literary Theory,

Ancient Hindi Poetry, Origin of Hindi Language, Hindi Drama, MA in History, Ancient History along with its Theory, Indian and the World MA in International Relations, Introduction of International Relations, International Organization Conflict Resolution, US Foreign Policy, Political Theory, Concepts, as well as Perspectives, Government as well as Politics of South Asia, MA in Sociology,

DU SOL Syllabus of

Object-Oriented Analysis along with Advanced, Design Database Management System, Advanced Algorithm Analysis as well as Design Advanced-Data, Warehousing & Data Mining, Advanced Software, Testing M.Tech. (Information Technology), Advanced-Data Structures, Advanced Software Engineering, Advanced Software, Project Management, Computer Graphics along with Animation,

Advanced-Data, Warehousing as well as Data Mining, Information Theory along with Coding, M.Tech. (Information Security) Introduction to Computer Printing Technology, Programming Communication Skills, Practical Workshops, Practical Workshops II, Power Electronics & Drives, Bio Engineering, as well as Mechanics Complex, System Development Data Mining along with Analytical Marketing, Drug Delivery along with Cellular/Tissue Engineering Dynamics,

Controls, and Robotics Energy and Sustainable Development Energy Economics as well as Engineering, Engineering Mathematics and Modeling Environmental and Water Resources Systems, Engineering Environmental, Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology Environmental, Geophysics Environmental Processes, Financial Engineering, Geohydrology, Microwave as well as Millimetre, Integrated Circuits Optoelectronics fiber optical communication, Advanced system of Digital Communication,

VLSI Technology Advanced Signal, Processing Advanced, VLSI Design M.Tech. (Signal Processing), Advanced Digital Communication, Analog Signal Processing, Detection as well as Estimation Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Information Theory as well as Coding Information Technology, Mechanics of Materials Micro as well as Nanoscale Engineering, Nanosystems Semester in Strategic Operations,

Structural Engineering Technology Management for ECE Thermal-fluid Sciences Transportation Systems Engineering, M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering) Advanced-Data Structures, Advanced Software, Management, Manufacturing, Applied Operations Research Astronautics Bioinstrumentation/ diagnostics, as well as Biomedical Materials,

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Object-Oriented Analysis along with Design Mobile as well as Wireless Network Security Cyber Crime Investigation along with Cyber Forensics M.Tech. (Digital Communication) Advanced Digital Communication systems Engineering Advances in Data & Computer Communications, Security Cryptography Foundation as well as its Applications Advanced Database Management System, (RF along with Microwave Engineering) Advanced Electromagnetic Engineering Microwave Theory & Circuits\and Microwave Passive Circuits Design,

DU SOL MCA syllabus

Computer Communication Networks, Network Programming, Management Support System, Software Engineering I, Operating Systems, Fundamentals of Computer Organization, Probability along with Combinatorics, Web Technology, Unix as well as Windows Laboratory, Object-Oriented Analysis as well as Design CASE Tools Laboratory, Discrete Mathematical Structure,

Database Management System Unix as well as Shell Programming, Operational Research Numerical as well as Scientific Computing Distributed Systems, Software Project Management, Organizational, Behaviour Multimedia Technologies, Computer Programming with C,

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Advanced Computer, along with Architecture, Elements of Basic Communication Info, Systems Analysis Design as well as Fundamentals Data and File Structure, Oral along with Wireless Communication Programming, Mathematical Foundation,

Software Engineering as well as TQM Operation Research along with Optimization Techniques, Object-Oriented Programming with Java, as well as Advanced Database Management Systems, Fundamentals Business Program Laboratory, Statistical Computing