B. Com hons Vs B. Com

B. Com hons Vs B. Com : We would all ask at least once why some subjects have the same words, but are studied independently. And if you are a business student, then Bom and B.Com (Honours) would come to your mind.

Often, when students from commercial broadcasting plan to go to B.Com, they are not defined by the difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.). And that continues to confuse them.

However, students pursuing B.Com will have a study program that will include an overview of all subjects in the field of study. The subjects taught to students in both programs will be the same.

However, those who are pursuing a degree in B.Com will not be able to focus on a particular topic unlike those who are pursuing a degree in B.Com (Hons).

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Students in the final year of the B.Com (Hons) program can choose to focus on a particular topic such as accounting, finance, economics etc.

The B.Com Course is a structured curriculum designed to get the student acquainted with various aspects of the business environment. They will learn how to do business and trade.

B. Com hons Vs B. Com
B. Com hons Vs B. Com

While those studying for a B.Com (Hons) course have a business-focused course designed to develop their business skills and provide them with in-depth knowledge of the field. For those who want to study Chartered Accountancy this course will be very helpful.

Admission to both courses was made on the basis of the results of the Twelve Board. The only difference in B.Com (Hons) determination is very high compared to that in B.Com studies.

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At some of the most prestigious colleges at Delhi University B.Com (Hons) it is a much-needed course and a rocket heaven cut annually at colleges like Hans Raj, SRCC, Ramjas and others.

B.Com courses do not have a very high market value except that until the student is doing certain business courses like MBA or M.Com. While B.Com (Hons) is a course of action it offers better opportunities and better packages. It is highly regarded by the business industry.

I hope, this difference will help you make informed choices about which course you want to follow. This is It in B. Com hons Vs B. Com.