MAHE Syllabus of B.Pharm | MAHE Syllabus of

MAHE Syllabus of B.Pharm

Here is the Details and Updates about both Syllabus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education,MAHE Syllabus of B.Pharm | MAHE Syllabus of .

Laboratory-VII of Pharmaceutics (Biopharmaceutics along with Pharmacokinetics), Pharmatecual Analysis, along with Remedial, Mathematical, Biology, Pharmacognosy I,

Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Basic Electronics as well as Computer Applications, Pharmaceutics I, (Physical Pharmacy) Anatomy, Physiology as well as Health Education (APHE), Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry APHE, APHE II,

Pharmaceutical Chemistry V (Biochemistry), Pharmaceutics V (Pharmaceutical Technology I), Pharmacology I, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industrial Management, Pharmacognosy V (Chemistry of Natural Products), Pharmaceutical Analysis III,

along with Pharmacology IV (Clinical Pharmacy & Drug Interactions), Research Methodology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Research Project, Pharmaceutical Analysis Remedial, Mathematical, Biology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

Basic Electronics along with Computer Applications, Advanced Mathematics Anatomy, Physiology as well as Health Education,, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pathophysiology of Common Diseases, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence and Ethic,

Laboratory of Pharmaceutics I (General and Dispensing) Laboratory-II in Pharmaceutics (Unit Operations), Laboratory of Remedial Biology, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Lab-III in Pharmaceutics (Physical Pharmaceutics), Lab-IV in Pharmaceutics (Cosmeticology),

Laboratory of Biochemistry Pharmacology, Laboratory I Pharmacognosy and Natural Product, Laboratory II Laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology, along with Lab-V in Pharmaceutics (Biological Pharmacy),

Laboratory-VI of Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology), Laboratory of Medicinal, Chemistry II, Pharmacology Laboratory, Laboratory-VII of Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology2),

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Syllabus of B.Pharm MAHE Syllabus of

MAHE Syllabus of

Management and Marketing, Principles of Microeconomics, New Venture Planning, Foreign Exchange Rates, Financial Markets, along with Indian Economy Human Resource Management, Business Organization along with Management,

Financial Accounting, Micro Economics, Business Law ,Business Statistics, Fundamentals of Computer & Information System, Corporate Laws, Business, Mathematics, Macro Economics, Principles of Marketing Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting,

Human Resource Management, Indian Economy Management, Accounting Financial Management, along with E-Commerce, Auditing International Business, Financial Markets, Institutions, along with Financial Services Governance, Ethics along with Social, Responsibility of Business,

Business Communication, Entrepreneurship as well as Small Business, English as well as Business Communication, English and Business Communication, Business Economics-I, Interdisciplinary, e-Commerce, Commercial Laws, Business Economics – II,

Interdisciplinary, Psychology for Managers, Corporate Accounting Principles of Financial Accounting, Business Laws Principles as well as Practices of Management, Business Laws, Interdisciplinary Issues in Indian Commerce, Interdisciplinary,

Security Analysis along with Portfolio, Management Cost Accounting, Interdisciplinary Security Analysis as well as Portfolio Management, Company Law, Interdisciplinary Security, Analysis along with Portfolio Management, Business Mathematics and Statistics,

Cost Management Banking and Insurance, Marketing Management, Indirect Tax Laws, Quantitative Techniques as well as Methods, Income Tax Law, Direct Tax Laws, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Indian Economy,

Issues in Financial Reporting Production along with Operation Management, Social along with Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Operational Research, Financial Markets and Services, Sectoral Aspects of Indian Economy, Corporate Accounting,

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Cost Accounting, Indirect Tax, along with Financial Management, Accounting, Accelerated Mathematics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Risk Management, Understanding Consumer Behaviour, International Finance Technology Related to Banking, Sector Intellectual, Property Law, Management Science Tourism,