MAHE Syllabus of LLB | MAHE Syllabus of B.ed

MAHE Syllabus of LLB

Check Details about both syllabus llb and b.ed of manipal academy of higher education here,MAHE Syllabus of LLB & MAHE Syllabus of B.ed.

Comparative Laws (Elective), Administrative Law Code of Criminal Procedure Limitation Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice Act, along with Probation Offenders Act Property Laws, Environmental Law IPR, Labour Laws, Banking Laws and Laws Insurance Laws,

Practical Training along with Moot Courts, Labour Laws, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence Taxation Law, Law of Evidence, Family Law, Law of Contract Women and Law, Comparative Laws, Conflict of Laws, Trust and Equity Election Law, Law along with Media Healthcare Law,

Family Law I, Family Law II, Law of Contract I, Law of Contract II, Law of Crimes, Constitutional Law II, Constitutional Law I, along with Interpretation of Statutes Arbitration, Professional Ethics, Bar Bench Relations as well as Accountancy for Lawyers Women and Law (Elective),

Healthcare Law (Elective), Criminology and Penology (Elective) Law and Media (Elective), RTI along with PIL (Elective), Election Law (Elective), Law of Evidence, Jurisprudence, Legal Language, Tort and Consumer Protection Act,

Motor Vehicle Act Human Rights as well as International Law, Conciliation, and Alternate Dispute, Resolution System, Taxation Law, Comparative Laws (Elective), along with Drafting, Pleading as well as Conveyancing Conflict Laws (Elective), Company Law,

MAHE Syllabus of B.ed

Health Education Knowledge along with Curriculum, Language across the curriculum, Core programs, Methodology programs , Childhood and Growing Up, Pedagogy of Science, Contemporary India and Education, Pedagogy of Social Science, Learning and Teaching,

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Pedagogy of Mathematics Language Across the Curriculum, Pedagogy of English, Understanding Disciplines as well as Subjects, Pedagogy of Hindi Workshop, Based Activities, Reading along with Reflecting on the Texts Practical programs, Application of ICT, Core programs,

Optional Courses Knowledge and Curriculum, Open and Distance Education Assessment for Learning, Guidance as well as Counselling Creating an Inclusive School, Adolescence along with  Family Education Gender, School and Society, Vocational Education Drama and Art in Education,

MAHE Syllabus of LLB MAHE Syllabus of B.ed

Learner as a Developing Individual, Development and Learning, Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective, Adolescence: Issues as well as Concerns, Stages of Child Development: Implications for Teachers, Contemporary India, Constitutional Provisions along with Education,

Specialization, Based Elective Policy, Framework for Development of Education in India, Research Project, Initiatives of the Government of India, Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues, Language Background of candidates,

Nature of Classroom Discourse, Informational Reading along with Writing Childhood And Growing Up, Contemporary India and Education Learning as well as Teaching, Gender, School and Society Pedagogy of a School Subject, Reading as well as reflecting on texts Drama along with art in education,

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Critical Understanding of ICT, Creating an Inclusive school, Assessment For Learning, Understanding Disciplines along with Subjects, Information and Communication Technology, Practical programs, Understanding the Self along with Yoga Internship 2, Workshop Based Activities,