MAHE Syllabus of MA

MAHE Syllabus of MA

Here is the Master of Arts Syllabus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, MAHE Syllabus of MA .

Populations as well as Society Gender as well as Society, Agrarian Structure, Sociology of Organizations, Sociology of Media MA in Education,

Educational Psychology, Guidance along with Counselling Educational Administration as well as Management, Educational Measurement as well as Evaluation, Educational Technology, Life Long Education, MA in Fine Arts, History of Fine Arts in India,

History of Indian, along with Painting Drawing along with Painting, History of Indian Architecture, MA in Gender Studies, Introduction to Gender Studies, Feminist Movement,

Feminist Theories, Gender as well as Economy Gender, Environment and Livelihood, Gender Analysis Gender. Polity and Governance, Gender Mainstreaming, MA in English British Literature,

American Literature African Literature, Indian Writings in Literature Literary Theory, Commonwealth Literature, MA in Hindi, History of Hindi Literature- Ancient as well as Medieval, Novel,

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as well as Short Story, Hindi Poetry along with Proses,  Ancient Hindi Poetry, along with Origin of Hindi Language, Hindi Drama, MA in History, Ancient History along with its Theory,

Practice of History Polity in Medieval India, History of Marathas, Indian Independence, History of Women In Indian Independence, MA in Philosophy, Classical Philosophies, Indian Philosophy,

along with Greek Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy Philosophical Logic, Analytical Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of History Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science,

MAHE Syllabus of MA

Ma in Political Science, Administrative Theory, Politics in India, Themes in World Politics, Debates in Political Theory Ethics and Politics, Indian Strategic, Thought International Security,

Indian and the World MA in International Relations, Introduction of International Relations, International Organization Conflict Resolution, US Foreign Policy, Political Theory, Concepts, as well as Perspectives,

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Government as well as Politics of South Asia, MA in Sociology, Sociological Theories, Sociology of India, Methods of Sociological Research,